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Find out more about CLAP Partners' project management services. Our commitment to the success of your HRIS project extends far beyond technical solutions. We offer you a complete, three-part project experience, guaranteeing complete control over budget, planning, resources and technical aspects.

With CLAP Partners, your satisfaction is at the heart of our customer support. Welcome to a new dimension of project management, where excellence becomes your standard!

Key stages in our customer care at Clap Partners

Our Staff Augmentation team acts as expert facilitators to ensure the successful integration and adoption of the tool. During the various stages of the implementation project, our Project Management Assistance team translates the needs of operational teams into precise technical language that can be understood by tool integrators. Thanks to its knowledge of the customer's business needs and environment, our Staff Augmentation team is able to propose a configuration as close as possible to the operational requirements. Post-implementation project, project management assistance supports end-users in the adoption, maintenance and evolution of tools, in line with the development of HR activities.




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CLAP Partners' Staff Augmentation is a comprehensive support service designed to help you manage and supervise your project, from conception to completion. Our experts will help you make strategic decisions. Facilitate exchanges between technical integrators and operational HR teams during implementation project or post-project, during day-to-day run.

Clap Partners' Staff Augmentation offer provides you with professional expertise to optimize your project management, minimize risks and ensure delivery on time and on budget. You'll benefit from personalized follow-up and sound advice throughout the process.

To take advantage of our Staff Augmentation offer, simply contact us using the contact form on our website. We'll be in touch with you shortly to discuss your specific needs and work out a customized solution for your project.

Our Staff Augmentation team can support in : - Understanding the business needs and design the processes - Ensure understanding from operational teams - Helping internal team to handle the tool with hands-on practices, communication and training materials…

AMO Clap offers a complete range of management and optimization services for SuccessFactors, as well as for SAP HR, UKG PeopleDoc, Qualtrics and other solutions. You can expect in-depth expertise in configuring, customizing and optimizing these platforms to meet your specific HR management and employee experience needs.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information or to discuss your specific project.

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