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SAP SucessFactors Implementation

Welcome to the world of digital HR transformation with Clap Partners, your trusted partner for SAP SuccessFactorsAs experts in HR digitalization and the integration of RH cloudwe can help you unleash your company's full potential through agile, high-performance management of your HR information systems.

SAP Sucessfactors & Clap Partners : Un duo gagnant

What is SAP SuccessFactors?

SAP SuccessFactors is a comprehensive suite of leading HR modules, offering a talent management solution to meet all your needs, from recruitment management to succession planning. With a user-friendly interface and flexible architecture, this revolutionary cloud platform enables companies of all sizes to streamline their HR processes and maximize their business impact.

Pourquoi Choisir Clap Partners pour votre Implémentation SAP SuccessFactors ?

At Clap Partners, we understand that every company is unique. That's why we take a personalized approach to every SAP SuccessFactors implementation project.Working closely with your teams, we design tailor-made solutions to meet your HRIS HRIS.

By working with Clap Partners, you benefit from :
expertise technique sap succesfactors

Cutting-edge technical expertise

Our team of SAP SuccessFactors certified experts has extensive experience in implementing solutions RH HR solutions on a global scale, ensuring a smooth and seamless implementation.

A commitment to excellence

We are committed to delivering an exceptional customer experience every step of the way,from initial planning to end-user training.

accompagnement constant

Accompagnement durable

Our partnership goes beyond implementation. We offer long-term support to ensure the success of your investment in SAP SuccessFactors.

Discover our different offers:

  • The Starter Pack,includes a pre-configured solution and a training package.
  • The Advanced package,offers a pre-configured solution with possible adjustments.
  • Finally, the Prime package,includes the design and implementation of a fully customized solution by our team.
Starter Pack,
Deployment time ~ 3 months 6 months + Up to 12 months +
Offer concept Implementation of a pre-configured solution and training sessions provided by the CLAP team Implementation of a preconfigured solution with adjustment possibilities according to options predefined by the CLAP team Implementation of a 100% customized solution delivered by the CLAP team
Recommendation according to company size <500 collaborateurs >500 and <15 000 collaborateurs + 15,000 employees
License cost Based on the number of users Based on the number of users Based on the number of users
Implementation cost Competitive package price (Creation cost + training) Fixed price (Creation cost + configuration options + training) According to defined specifications
Configuration scope Fixed Fixed + Setting options According to defined specifications
Modular set-up Yes Yes Yes
Process typology Harmonized Harmonized and/or adaptable According to defined specifications
Adaptation of the preconfigured Yes, post-training by the client or by CLAP (additional cost) Yes, during the project and according to CLAP configuration options (included in the project cost) Yes, during the project and according to CLAP specifications (included in the project cost)

Maximize the use of SAP SuccessFactors with Clap Partners RUN

A proactive approach to ensure optimal adoption and ongoing satisfaction. Our team of consultants works with you to ensure smooth integration and operational continuity.At Clap Partners,we ensure continuous optimization of your HR environment. Our experts respond to your needs to solve problems quickly optimize your SAP SAP SuccessFactors on an ongoing basis.