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Corrective support for companies wishing to manage daily problems

Clap Partners' value proposition is a proactive approach based on the customer lifecycle, anticipating issues and challenges to achieve maximum adoption and satisfaction with your SAP SuccessFactors (Customer Support Manager) system.
Our proposition goes beyond technical support. Based on our experience, we take a proactive approach to ensure that new tools are fully adopted and that the user experience doesn't diminish over time (sprints or on-demand projects).
As part of this support, we offer:

  • A dedicated team of techno-functional consultants who will work onsite with the client.
  • A service comprised of expert consultants who can intervene on demand (referred to as level 3).
  • A service for new projects or sprints to be implemented to ensure proactive and continuous service.

Our 9 Run services for proactive maintenance

Customer Success Manager dédié

Customer Success Manager

Implementation of a Customer Success Service (single point of contact) for customer relationship management.

Pilotage et Gouvernance

Management and Governance

Implementation of a Run governance structure (synchronization committee and steering) to monitor activity and budget.

Définition Roadmap

Roadmap Definition

Implementation of a roadmap with the Customer Success and TMA support team to pilot the Run and Sprint evolutions.

Support Niveau 1 et 2

Support Staffing Levels Niv 1 & 2

Implementation of a dedicated team of SuccessFactors Consultants Level 1 and 2 to handle daily Run requests from the client.

Support correctif ad-hoc Niv 3 et expertise ponctuelle

Ad-hoc Level 3 corrective support and ponctual expertise.

Implementation of a remote Level 3 support team on an ad-hoc basis to handle more complex requests and provide ponctual expertise.

Support évolutif

Evolutionary Support

Deployment of a team of project experts available on demand to implement sprints or new modules.

Gestion des Releases

Releases Management

Preparation of releases by qualifying new features and testing releases before going into production, and management of instance refreshes.

Formation continue et audit

Continuous Training and Auditing

Knowledge Transfer to Business Teams, User Training, and Client Administrator Training.

Gestion de l’adoption

Adoption Management

Implementation of the Qualtrics tool to evaluate and improve the employee experience

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