CLAP Partners rewarded by SAP for the commitment of its employees

Qui est SAP ?

SAP is a company known worldwide for the quality of its ERP solutions. The ERP solutions are suites based on Cloud technology allowing companies to manage and plan their resources, especially in the field of human resources.

SAP HXM « Excellence in Workforce engagement »

SAP facilitates the HR digitalization process by offering its customers customized applications linked to their own HR solution.

SAP's main objective is to support companies by committing to help them build a strong employee engagement culture with robust data security.

SAP also delivers several awards to the companies it collaborates with, such as the SAP HXM "Excellence in workforce engagement".

This is an award dedicated to HRIS consulting firms. We are very proud to have received it for the 5th consecutive year !

Why did we receive this award ?

At CLAP Partners, we have a human-centered approach.

Every year, we propose new solutions to our clients, employees and partners to improve corporate engagement.

For our employees, we have annual interviews and CLAP Partners does not hesitate to give a significant part of its turnover in promotions.

We also focus on internal mobility, with changes and restructuring of teams.

CLAP Partners evolves according to the needs of the candidates. To better meet their needs, we have implemented telecommuting and we manage it with the BeeMyFlex solution.

We organize webinars ebinars on employee engagement, such as "The candidate experience: how to attract the best candidates... And keep them!", in collaboration with our partner AKT Global.

Finally, we work with several partners to offer solutions thought for your employees, such as eLamp's skills management or ClaPlan's training plan..